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Company Representative:

Jirawat Hongsibpad


123 Bann Nong Ha,

Mae Kham Mi,

Muang Phare 54000, Thai


+66 833202525

WISH A WOOD proudly presents our newest Panoramic Collection, inspired by the combination of the modern urban and contemporary nature aesthetics. This collection expresses the tranquility of nature through its larger than average furniture size, whilst also eluding the emptiness of unavailing space with its intricate dowel joinery and shape that resembles an embrace. To successfully accumulate these qualities, we utilized multiple methods in each step of making the product.


(1) Green Materials As an ode to home, we have chosen teak as the material of our furniture. In Thailand, teak is known for its unique quality and durability, being the perfect material to create furniture that is capable of emulating our concept. Furthermore, the teak we use directly comes from forestation by the Forest Industry Organization (FIO) making you a contributor to local sustainability and a receiver of indulgence in comfort also.


(2) Green Process In the making process of this project, we have collaborated with multiple skilled carpenters from the Bang Sai Royal Folk Arts and Crafts Center, also inviting a renowned professor to solicit his knowledge on traditional methods such as hand planes, chisels, hammers, and saws, as our product requires ornate hand work without the aid of industrialised machinery. The structure also does not possess any metal, whether it be knots, screws, or dowel pins, the pure dowel joinery erecting a flexible yet solid foundation. Furthermore, we have also corresponded through a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Don Mueang Technical College, one of three universities offering carpentry courses in Thailand, also providing paid internships to directly express support and value in traditional carpentry and further development within the industry.


(3) Green Product A major concern when buying wooden products also comes in the preservation period of the product. Taking this into account, we have handpicked Camellia oil instead of chemical products to convey our utmost care for you and your health, including for the environment, being an organic product approved by the Chaipattana Foundation.

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