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Collagen bedding
Collagen bedding

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Antimicrobial bedding
Antimicrobial bedding

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Antimicrobial bedding
Antimicrobial bedding

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Collagen bedding
Collagen bedding

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PASAYA is a Thai brand of green textiles and lifestyle & healthy products, we believe in value of life through people’s healthy living and environment protection.

“PASAYA” comes from the Thai word, “pas-sa-yha”. The name was derived under 3 conditions, first, it must be Thai. Second, it must be memorable for the customers, and lastly it must be able to be pronounced in any language.

Since 2002, the phenomenon has shaken the bedding market in Thailand since it was the first time a bedding collection was made with 60 different colours, and with brand-new fabrics by PASAYA. All PASAYA’s beddings are non-toxic, formaldehyde-free and have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, making our products customers’ favourites even to today. PASAYA continuously creates new innovations to improve functionality of our products such Energy saving curtain can lower the room temperature by 2-4 degrees Celsius when compared to normal curtains and reduce the cost of electricity. It has won the Thailand Innovation Award, and D Mark and G Mark awards form Japan.

Environmentalist in PASAYA!
PASAYA have been working in corporation with Seub Narkasatien Foundation to protect the wildlife and forestry in Thailand since the establishment of the foundation. We also founded the Tropical Forest Foundation in order to support Seub Narkasatien Foundation by fundraising for forest protection units construction and supplies for forest rangers. We further support local communities around the area to help protect the forest and wildlife.

We believed that a conscientious lifestyle is a contented life with quality, value, and social responsibility. We would like PASAYA's customer to be filled with satisfaction and good health. Our products are design and made with delicate care, forethought, and social responsibility in mind. We dedicate ourselves to helping the youth and the environment, to ensure a brighter future for all of us.

Collection Brands:

PASAYA Bedding
Collagen series (1100 threads count): Sukhothai collection
Luxurious 1100 threads count: Platinum Gold collection
CoolMer 100% cotton: Luxury Hotel collection

Products / Services:

1. Soft finishing fabrics: Curtain, Upholstery, Sheer fabric, Wall linen by cut length meters or by roll.
2. Bedding: Ready made and customized sizes with varieties of quality.
3. Other home decorative products: Woven textile art cushion cover, Rugs, etc.
4. Lifestyle products: 3D Fabric mask, Bags, Silk scarf, Upcycling suits, etc.

Products Category:

Gift & Decorative, Home Decorative Fabrics and Lifestyle Products (Curtains, Bedding, Cushion, Fabric Mask)

Countries Exported:

Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Singapore, Japan, Cambodia, Australia, New Zealand, UK and France

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Contact Information

Company Name:


Contact Person:

Managing Director

Mrs. Ratiya Chantian



+66 24400955



77/191-192 ,42nd Fl.,Sinnsathorn Tower,
Krungdhonburi Rd., Klongtonsai, Klongsarn,
Bangkok 10600, Thailand