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"Cushion Cover - Vangogh"
"Cushion Cover - Vangogh"

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"Urban Rug - Parquet"
"Urban Rug - Parquet"

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"Urban Rug - Splash"
"Urban Rug - Splash"

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"Cushion Cover - Vangogh"
"Cushion Cover - Vangogh"

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At PASAYA, good health and a balanced lifestyle are always high on the agenda. This major textile creator is on a mission to make good health accessible to everyone through quality textile designs delivered straight from a truly Green factory. Combined with beauty, intelligence and independence, PASAYA turns out stunning, innovative designs by award-winning designers from home decorative textiles, made-to-order fabric products, tailor-made garments, and the endless possibilities of unconventional creations. Remember, good textiles should not only be good for the people, but should also be good for the environment - living the promise of “PASAYA, good health for everyone.”

PASAYA continuously creates innovations to improve functionality of our products, including soft furnishings, beddings and also lifestyle products such as fabric mask, bags, scarfs, and suits. We have distribution channels throughout Thailand and exporting.

Collection Brands:

1. Zero Sweat Suit
2. Woven Textile Cushion Cover: Fruit & Flower, Vangogh collections
3. Upcycling products such as fabric mask, bags, bucket hat
4. Urban Rug

Products / Services:

1. Ready Made Products
2. Custom Made
3. Brand ODM & OBM
4. Logistic

Products Category:

Fashion & Accessories, Food & Beverage, Gift & Decorative, Bedding and Soft Furnishing

Countries Exported:

Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Singapore, France, U.K., Qatar and United Arab Emirates

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How do we protect the environment with our products?

1. Green factory
We have received the Green Label and Thailand Trust Mark certificates as a guarantee that all our products are toxic-free, environmental-friendly, and formaldehyde free up to the EU standard. Fully water recycling program, which uses the effluent from our dying process, treats, filter, retains and reuses.

2. Recycle material: Upcycling products are made from recycled PPE plastic bottles.

3. Sustainable practices; Employee environment:
We designed each building to serve and complement each production process. e.g. weaving units required controlled humidity therefore humidifiers were installed, dyeing unit was usually hot, so the building was built with little walls to let the fresh air flow and workers in the sewing units were constantly demanded to use their eyesight, so we built a garden in the middle of the building for them to relax their eyes.

4. The Tropical Foundation was established in 2004, is to support the forest and wildlife protection activities for long term benefit of all mankind.

Contact Information

Company Name:


Contact Person:

Mr. Patikorn Wood-Thanan

Export Sales Manager



+66 809074208



77/191-192 Sinnsathorn Tower, 42nd Floor,
Krundhonburi Road, Klongsarn,
Bangkok 10600, Thailand