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Mamawell products are produced with fabric scraps from the swimwear manufacturing process. Those fabric scraps are brought into the creative production process and then they are made to be new valuable products (Upcycling). The reason we choose fabric scraps from the swimwear manufacturing industry is that swimwear fabric is colorful and contains outstanding patterns. With all these qualities, it makes our products unique and fascinating. In addition, by producing new products with those fabric scraps as mentioned, it helps reduce waste from the manufacturing process in the industry and also helps stop environmental pollution.

Collection Brands:

Daily Simply Collection

Products / Services:

1. Sell our products directly to our customers, buyers or everyone who's interested in our products.
2. Sell on consignment in department stores, multi- brand stores, community malls, etc.
3. Participate in a sales exhibition of goods for Eco design, craft, etc.

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Fashion & Accessories

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How do we protect the environment with our products?

Mamawell products are produced with swimwear scraps that are leftover from the swimwear manufacturing process in the swimwear factories. There are a lot of scarps that are not used for anything else. The manufacturers will sell all the scraps to the others who want to buy or take them away if no one want them. These scraps might be the huge waste waiting for the disposal process and maybe cause the environmental pollution later. We realize about this problem and want to reduce these scraps by using the design process to make the new valuable products from these scraps. The swimwear scraps have some qualifications that are unique and fascinating. Not only we have the distinguished products that are made from the wonderful material but can help reduce waste from the textile industry also.

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Ms. Sunadda Norasarn




+66 830766885



183 Soi Phetkasem 63 Intersection 1,
Laksong, Bangkae,
Bangkok 10160, Thailand