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The HEGZ brand consists of 4 letters, each of which has The meaning and details are as follows :

H: Herbal Ingredient: HEGZ has a variety of Thai herbs including Cloves, Guava leaves, Licorice, Mint, Borneol and Menthol Properties in taking care of the mouth. Using only one tablet regularly will not only keep mouth clean but also refresh both gum and teeth.

E: Easy to USE: HEGZ is easy to use, being portable and able to brush with a certain quantity every single day. Just pick up only 1 tablet, put it in your mouth, chew 2-3 times until it turns into cream foam. And then brush it as normal. It is also very convenient to carry for traveling as it comes with a tiny size ball, light weight and less space using. Therefore, it is great for airplane carry-on luggage.

G: Global Warming attention: Some people may be not concerned that the used toothpaste tubes will go into landfills and not able to be recycled for a long time. This means that the more we use the excessive packaging, the less we care for global warming. It is really a big problem for human being to try finding the solutions. HEGZ is an eco-friendly product as it is intentionally packaged in a cartridge that can be used for any other purposes or even finally recycled.

Z: Zero Waste: Nowadays toothpaste tubes are actually conventional and leads to loss of money due to the leftover in those tubes no matter how we thoroughly squeeze the entire tubes. HEGZ is intentionally packed in a cartridge. Simply open its cover and pick up one tiny ball for each single use.

Collection Brands:

Hegz Salt Herbal , Hegz Classic Spearmint, Hegz Mint Melon , Hegz Sweet Grape, Hegz Salt Lemon

Products / Services:

We produce and sell Herbal toothpaste in tablet form

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How do we protect the environment with our products?

We care about global warming. And it is already clear that When the volume of toothpaste tube packaging is reduced, how can we help reduce the amount of waste which affects the environment?

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Mr. Somnuek Laurujisawat

Managing Director



+66 863908639



123/99 Bua thong Village,
Bang Rak Phatthana, Bang Bua Thong,
Nonthaburi 11110, Thailand