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(Early desk&chair), (Children furniture)
(Early desk&chair), (Children furniture)

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(Blob play),(Ride on & storage toys)
(Blob play),(Ride on & storage toys)

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(Unit Cruved Table&Chair) ,(Learning Space  Natural style)
(Unit Cruved Table&Chair) ,(Learning Space Natural style)

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(Early desk&chair), (Children furniture)
(Early desk&chair), (Children furniture)

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Clamp It is unique in assembling a toy called Clamp ( Patent Cooperation Treaty). It is assembled on a structure brand by slot and latch. Then lock the structure by clamping, this method can be molded without the need for tools such as glue, screws, to help mold like a normal toy. This clamping assembly method helps to reduce the toy manufacturing process, reduces energy. Also the material is made of MDF Board (Medium density fiber board). The product has low environmental impact. Making toys as a product Environmentally friendly (Eco-friendly) and the toy is easy to assemble, removable stackable which will use less packaging and storage space.

Clamp it brand has a design style that is unique design (Product design patent) In addition to having fun. Every toys product, children can use dustless chalk to draw, it can erase for cleanup all. Children will have fun and enjoy the toys and drawing that the children can add unlimited imagination to enhance the development of imagination and learning for children

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How do we protect the environment with our products?

Clamp it focuses on product design with the concept of sustainable design which consists of:

Main material is MDF board (medium density fiber board) which is a substitute for wood. It is a type of composite panel that is make from the woods’ fibers or fiber’s plants (Lignocelluloses Material) like a paper and can degrade. We use E1 grade (European standard) and uses non toxic color finishing.
MDF board is safe when it broken will not sharp point that is harmful to children and low environmental impact.

Emphasize the manufacturing process with the least waste of material by cutting MDF with CNC router and layout the workpiece on MDF board. Taking into account minimal material waste in accordance with the Lean Manufacturing method.

The assembly of all products does not use screws knockdown device or any metal or plastic components but will use the Taper Lock assembly method by clamping the structure tight which is the copyright for Clamp it's only invention methods. (The Patent Cooperation Treaty PCT/TH2020/000046)
- Reduce manufacturing : Factory-cutting-Color finishing-Packing
- Reduce labour : Customer- assembling
- Reduce machine : Main machine only CNC
- Reduce forming equipment : The assembly of all products by clamping does not use forming equipment
- Reduce package and transportation : Assembly all part

Finishing with chalk paint Allowing children to draw according to their imagination and to erase and draw without restriction.

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