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“We bring the nature back to the nature again in a different way.” A designed product restores life to used paper. Begin of lumber to paper. When that paper is useless, 103PAPER transform paper back to soil again in term of “Paper sculpture” to refresh a new life through design with love and mutuality.

Inspiration of work
Humans are part of the nature. Transmit in works which connect humans and nature close together. The interesting is appreciate in value. We are part of nature make harmony and bring to peace and relaxation.

Collection Brands:

1. TURN TO Collection
2. Paper Be In Collection
3. a Next Life Collection

Products / Services:

Handcrafted products from waste material and paper

Products Category:

Gift & Decorative

Countries Exported:

France, UK, USA, China, Japan and Hong Kong

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How do we protect the environment with our products?

The special character of 103PAPER are handmade sculptures and are individually handcrafted piece by piece. Even though it is the same product, each product will be unique because of the source of paper. We can use waste material that are available around us such as used coffee grounds, tea leaves or dry flowers to make each of the individual work pieces. The texture from the different materials creates in itself individually fantastic story.

Contact Information

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Contact Person:

Mr. Wittaya Chaimongkol

Designer & Manager



+66 636359905



599/219 599/219 Lad Plakhao Rd.,
Charakhe Bua, Lat Phrao,
Bangkok 10230, Thailand