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Think Craftsmanship, Think Thailand


Thai craftsmen continuously innovate in the development of their designs, ensuring that Thai brand and products are in high demand throughout the world. Thai designs are meticulous and committed to their craft, employing creative processes to create innovative and high quality products.


Thailand-Korea Business Center is a created and managed by Thai Trade Center, Seoul. The business center main objective is to curates, showcase, promote and business match selected quality Thai designers, brands or lifestyle products that are especially suitable for the Korean market.


Korean businesses looking to explore new brands or innovative lifestyle products can make Thailand Korea Business Center as one of their channels in sourcing new designer products for their businesses. The business center provides the following services:

  1. Create awareness and showcasing of selected Thai brands and lifestyle products

  2. Promotion of business matching activities by Thai Trade Center, Seoul and Thailand trade exhibitions by Department of Export Promotion’s (DITP’s) Thailand exhibitions.

  3. To curate a database of Korean companies and assist in brand / product sourcing for developing of new Thai brands and products into the Korean market.

  4. To be a platform for Thai brands and exporters to help understand Korean market for their market specific product development.


The business center is also a channel to promote the updates from Thai Trade Center, Seoul Facebook page and YouTube channels. In addition, users can also follow Instagram @thaikorbizseoul for the featured Thai brands and lifestyle products. This multi-platform approach looks to connect with Korea users as well as Korean businesses and create more awareness of the uniqueness and quality of Thai brands and lifestyle products.


About Thai Trade Center, Seoul

Thai Trade Center, Seoul is the overseas office representative of Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), Ministry of Commerce, Royal Thai Government. 

DITP is committed to provide excellent service to Thai entrepreneurs in international businesses, including trade facilitation, cost reduction, value creation of goods and services, providing consulting for overseas market, access and maintenance, as well as cooperation with private sectors to promote Thailand as a major gateway of Asia. 

DITP aims to develop and promote value, creation, innovation and branding of Thai brands to the international market by developing and promoting the complete product and service clusters which are capable of serving the trends of the new global demands. 

To find out more about DITP and Thai Trade Center, Seoul, please visit the link below: